Anti-Israel Activist Calls for the Normalization of ‘Massacres’

An anti-Israel activist, Mohammed El-Kurd told protesters in London that people must “normalize massacres as the status quo.”

“The atrocities that the Israeli regime is committing in Gaza are some of the most horrific, brutal actions we will ever see in all of our lifetime,” El-Kurd said.

“This genocide is not without a culprit. Zionism is the root cause of all that is happening in Palestine,” he continued, adding, “Zionism is apartheid, it’s genocide, it’s murder. It’s a racist ideology, rooted in settler expansion and racist domination. We must root it out of the world.”

“We must dezionize. Zionism is a death cult,” he urged.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman condemned El-Kurd’s speech.

Over the last 99 days we’ve seen unprecedented levels of anti-semitism. Extremism & hatred normalised on our streets. And central London turned into a no-go zone for Jewish people about once a week,” she wrote on X. “The plan isn’t working if this is where we are now.”

The activist stated that he meant to say, “We should NOT normalize massacres.”

The Metropolitan Police said that officers are “aware of the remarks, the commentary surrounding them and the subsequent statements issued by the speaker.”

American Faith reported that a Wisconsin imam threatened to kill all Jewish people.

“We neglected the principle of support which is Jihad for the sake of Allah,” Imam Alhajie Jallow said, according to a translation from MEMRI. “The only way that can stop (oppress) is to face the enemy the way they faced us. They face us with aggression, we should retaliate with aggression.”

“The only thing that can bring glory to this Islamic nation is the Jihad, which is mentioned in the Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. The only thing that can bring honor and glory to this nation is Jihad,” the imam added.

“Our brothers in Gaza are heroes! By Allah, they are warriors, heroes, they are men, just like the Companions. They do not fear death.”

“Oh Jews, you unjust, criminal, corrupt oppressors – stop! You will all most definitely be killed. The Jews, the aggressors, the evil… You describe them, what they do,” he continued.

“By Allah, all of them will be killed by Muslims. They all will be executed by Muslims. They will all be killed, this is a divine promise that will inevitably be fulfilled. This is a promise from Allah and it is going to happen. They will all be killed. They will all be killed, and on that day, the believers will rejoice in Allah’s victory.”