Another Transgender Charged With Threats Against Nashville Christian School

A transgender alum of a Christian school in Nashville was arrested by the FBI after reportedly making threats against Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA).

Report from The Daily Wire:

criminal complaint unsealed May 6 said that on March 24, the defendant left a voicemail for CPA saying, “My name used to be legally …” — followed by a female name. The Daily Wire does not name mass shooters or others who aspire to infamy through violence. The defendant is charged under a male name.

“Ya’ll already know who I am. … Every time I think about my childhood. You know what I think about every time I put my head to sleep at night? You know what I think about every morning? First of all, you don’t want to know,” the voicemail said, court documents allege. “Do you wanna f— around. Ya’ll already know where I live. … I spent how many days sheltered in place, legally ordered by not only the state but America … your quote unquote date is going on a murderous rampage again.”

The voicemail references the movie Deadpool 2, about an “unstable young mutant … at an orphanage” who kills an abusive staff member.

The Covenant shooting occurred on March 27, 2023, and far-left activists in Tennessee billed March 31, 2024 — Easter Sunday — as a “Trans Day Of Vengeance.” The defendant posted to X, “CPA taught me: ‘Vengeance is mine,’ sayeth the Lord.”