Anglican Minister Denied Ordination For Opposing Wokeness

Minister feels society has been “chasing wokeness,” taking the church along with it.

  • Prominent British TV presenter Calvin Robinson recently divulged that the Church of England rejected his service as a minister because of his open objection to Critical Race Theory (CRT).
  • Robinson is an Anglican minister-in-training, and has frequently voiced concerns about Marxism making its way into the denomination, which is allegedly the reason the church rejected him.
  • The aspiring minister and public figure also spoke out about church closures during COVID lockdowns, saying it was a time when people needed more spiritual guidance.
  • “Our society is running down the wrong direction, and it has, for the last few years, been chasing wokeness,” Robinson told “Triggernometry” hosts Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. “Unfortunately, I believe the Church is also going down that path in so many ways.”
  • Robinson has also spoken out about the World Economic Forum’s global economic agenda to facilitate a world without possessions or privacy.
  • Robinson previously spoke about both CRT and the pushback he receives from speaking about it, saying that he is the target of racist abuse from the far left and the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • “Every time I’ve spoken out against BLM using CRT, they attack me with racially derogatory terms,” Robinson said during a 2020 interview. “Apparently, black people must all think the same way. If we go off-script, we’re race-traitors, ‘Bounties’, and ‘coons’. It seems BLM don’t support racial equality after all, because if they did, surely they’d encourage diversity and expect black people to hold many different views across the political spectrum,” he added.
  • While CRT clams to prioritize “life experiences” of minorities, Robinson said that his own experience as a minority with the Church of England leaders was not accepted because it was branded “the wrong type” of experience. Robinson said it was condescending of the leaders to reject his views on various issues, as a member of the minority community, just because he did not align himself with progressive ideals.
  • “The Church shouldn’t be trying to chase societal norms … on any of these issues,” Robinson concluded. “To put it scripturally, [the church] should be a shining light in an ever-darkening world around us.”
  • Robinson told journalists in 2020 that BLM was one of the most destructive forces in British society and should be classified as domestic terrorists. 
  • “They’re promoting racial segregation, vandalism, and violence,” he said, adding that proponents of Critical Race Theory perpetuate “the myth of racial superiority.”