‘An Extremely Serious Threat’: Trump Consistently Beats Biden in Presidential Polls.

Far-left Slate magazine correspondent Will Saletan has described President Donald Trump as “an extremely serious threat to become president of the United States again,” after a number of public polls placed the former President above Joe Biden, consistently.

The Five-Thirty-Eight pollster blog reveals victories for Trump against Biden in the latest Emerson, Redfield & Wilton Strategies, and Harris polls.

The numbers will be sure to cause consternation within the political left about their ability to retain the presidency in 2024, especially against the backdrop of the Virginia gubernatorial contest and the upcoming mid-term elections in 2022.

Some of the most recent data even shows that if Sen. Tim Scott or former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were the candidate, running against Kamala Harris, they would either win (Scott, +3) or be in a dead heat with the Veep (Pompeo).

The news comes as international media begins to wonder where Kamala Harris has gone, and a number of fresh legislative defeats and failed policy pronouncements loom large for the Biden-Harris regime.