Amazon Advertises Show Glamorizing Satan as Good Guy While Heaven, Angels Bad Guys

Amazon Prime Video has advertised a TV show portraying Satan and his demons as the protagonists while Heaven and angels are seen as the bad guys.

The show, called Hazbin Hotel, is the story of the daughter of Satan who “opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers a group of misfit demons a chance at redemption.”

The trailer for the show says that angels “felt [Lucifer’s] way of thinking was dangerous to the order of their world.”

“From the dust of earth, [angels] created Adam and Lilith, equals as the first of mankind. But despite this, Adam demanded control and Lilith refused to submit to his will. She fled the garden.”

“Drawn in by her fierce independence, Lucifer found her and the two rebellious dreamers fell deeply in love. Together, they wished to share the magic of free will with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam’s new bride, Eve, who gladly accepted.”

The narrator describes that as sin was introduced into the world, the “order Heaven had worked to maintain was shattered.”

After Lucifer and Lilith were cast into Hell, Lucifer “lost his will to dream” while Lilith “thrived.”

“As the numbers of Hell grew, so did its power.” Heaven felt “threatened” by Hell’s power and made the “heartless decision” to send down an army each year to “exterminate” Hell and sinners.

God is not mentioned in the trailer, only the essence of “Good” that is worshipped by angels.

Hazbin Hotel is not a children’s show, but an adult animation rated M for profanity, sexual references, violence, and drug and alcohol use.