Alvin Bragg’s Prosecution of Trump Politically Driven: House Judiciary Report

The House Judiciary Committee released a report detailing the “political vendetta” Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has against Donald Trump.

“In April 2023, District Attorney Bragg succumbed to [former Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz] pressure campaign, charging President Trump with 34 felony counts using a novel and untested legal theory that bootstrapped misdemeanor allegations as a felony,” a press release reads. “The timing and basis for the DANY’s prosecution of President Trump provide a clear inference that Bragg is motivated by political calculations.”

“The facts at the center of Bragg’s political prosecution had not changed since 2018 and no new witnesses had emerged. Federal prosecutors already declined to pursue the case, and Bragg’s predecessor Cyrus Vance also waved off the case. Bragg, too, was initially reluctant to bring the case,” the release noted. “The only intervening factor, it appears, was President Trump’s announcement that he would be a candidate for President in 2024.”

According to the release, Bragg’s prosecution of Trump “threatens to destroy this notion of blind justice by using the criminal justice system to attack an individual he disagrees with politically” and “erodes the confidence of the American people.”

The report said that Bragg’s office “weaponized the criminal justice system, scouring every aspect of President Trump’s personal life and business affairs, going back decades, in the hopes of finding some legal basis—however far-fetched, novel, or convoluted—to bring charges against him.”

Pomerantz previously worked on a Trump investigation alongside Vance. After Pomerantz later resigned, he wrote a book about the investigation, which the committee described as revealing his “animus, both personally and politically against Trump.”

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Fox News Digital that Pomerantz’s book was a “passion project.”

“He looked high and low for all the possible ways to take down the president. When nothing panned out, he left Alvin Bragg’s office in disgust and wrote a book for the purpose of bringing public pressure on Bragg to bring some charge–and it worked,” Jordan said. “The whole trial is entirely political and everyone knows it.”

Bragg’s indictment of Trump “opened a dangerous new possibility of politically motivated prosecutions or threatened prosecutions of political opponents, including presidents,” the report states. “This case establishes a dangerously low threshold for these investigations and prosecutions to commence. With this indictment, Bragg has opened the door for future prosecutions of a former president—or current candidate—that would be widely perceived as politically motivated. As we have already seen, other prosecutors have followed Bragg’s lead and pursued politically motivated investigations and indictments of President Trump.”