Alicia Silverstone Endorses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President

Originally published June 9, 2023 8:19 am PDT

In a seemingly unexpected move, Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone, best known for her role in the hit film “Clueless,” publicly endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President in the 2024 Democratic primary, intending to unseat the incumbent President Joe Biden.

The 46-year-old actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her support, revealing she had renounced her Democratic Party affiliation in favor of becoming an independent voter.

“Last year, I cancelled my Democratic Party registration and registered as an Independent voter,” Silverstone stated in her post.

She voiced her discontent with the current political leadership, expressing that she was “deeply disappointed with political leadership at every turn.”

Silverstone criticized the division, dishonesty, and self-interest she sees in today’s politics.

“The division, the lies, the profiteering at the expense of the people and public health,” she wrote.

But her disenchantment with politics as usual found a bright spot in Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “But @robertfkennedyjr gives me hope. This man gets me excited about the potential for truth and justice,” Silverstone shared, adding that RFK Jr. “provides hope for young and old to trust our government once again. RFK Jr. is a person we can be inspired and be proud to call President.”

“Bobby is a true leader,” Silverstone continued, showing her affection for Kennedy and his values.

She lauded him as a “courageous warrior” who loves the country and fights for everyone, especially mothers, children, and the planet.

In her endorsement, Silverstone also saw in Kennedy a figure who could heal the divide in the country.

“He is someone who can unify the divide in this country. He is a walking history book; a passionate loving human with no tolerance for corruption or bullying,” she said.

Silverstone emphasized her admiration for Kennedy’s vision and commitment, expressing that, “I love his vision of peace, unity, and justice for all. I am uplifted by his commitment to protect civil and worker rights as well as our children’s health.”

In her concluding thoughts, she stated, “We need leaders who will resolve poverty, pollution, inequality, and stop wars… Bobby is that leader.”

She encouraged her followers to listen to Kennedy speak and learn more about him by visiting his campaign website, signaling her faith in his ability to change the current political landscape.

“If you have felt disenfranchised by our government like me, I highly recommend you listening to Bobby speak…If you want more information, go to to learn more about this incredible leader.”

The endorsement from Silverstone, an actress who has been actively engaged in social and environmental causes for many years, adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to Kennedy’s campaign and certainly brings an interesting twist to the 2024 presidential race.