Alex Jones ‘Boycotting’ Sandy Hook Defamation Trial: Attorney

Alex Jones, InfoWars founder, left his defamation trial in protest Wednesday.

From Mediaite:

Jones was expected to testify on Wednesday in a Connecticut defamation trial stemming from his comments suggesting the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened. Jones has since apologized and admitted the mass shooting did occur, but he also announced at his latest defamation trial that he was done apologizing for his past comments.

Family members of Sandy Hook victims spoke at Jones’ trial, which is to determine how much Jones owes in the suit. One father gave emotional testimony claiming his son’s grave had been desecrated after Jones made his initial claims about Sandy Hook.

Norm Pattis, Jones’ attorney, announced on Wednesday in court that his client was “boycotting” the trial in what he said was a message his client instructed him to give.

“He’s boycotting these proceedings because he feels he’s on the horns of a trilemma. If he testifies in under the court’s orders, he’ll be committing perjury. If he violates the court’s orders, it’s criminal contempt. If he takes the Fifth, he gets an adverse inference,” Pattis said.