Alabama Democrat Indicted on Voter Fraud Charges

Albert Turner Jr., Democrat chairman of Alabama’s Perry County Commission, has been indicted on felony and misdemeanor counts of voter fraud in connection with the state’s primary and general elections during the midterms, according to a release from Alabama’s Secretary of State and Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Jackson.

The indictment accuses Turner of voting multiple times in last spring’s primary election and of engaging in ballot harvesting during the midterm general election in November.

He has been charged with violating state law, which prohibits the fraudulent filling out of other people’s absentee ballots.

The investigation into Turner’s actions is ongoing.

At a press conference, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill declined to comment on the potential impact of Turner’s actions on the state’s primary and general election results.

However, Merrill’s office reported that there have been seven convictions for voter fraud in the state within the last eight years.

A statement from a Facebook page for Turner claimed that the commission chairman is “not concerned about Michael Jackson and his bogus charge of ballot stuffing and mailing too many absentee ballots.”

The statement suggested that the indictment was politically motivated by the district attorney and alleged that while Turner agrees that the ballot box was stuffed during the elections, it was not by him.