Al Sharpton unmercifully blasted during press conference at border by hecklers: ‘We don’t want your racism in Texas!’

Al Sharpton attempted to deliver a press conference regarding the border migrant encampment Thursday afternoon in Del Rio, Texas. However, Texans sternly heckled Sharpton and ruined his presser. 

Sharpton toured the encampment of migrants, mostly from Haiti, along the Del Rio International Bridge at the U.S. southern border on Thursday. Sharpton called the encampment “heartbreaking,” adding that the “refugees are in crisis.” The MSNBC host called for “total accountability” for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in their handling of the massive border surge, which reportedly swelled to nearly 15,000 migrants on Saturday. 

He also called on the Biden administration to halt all deportation flights of Haitian illegal immigrants.