Airline Announces It Will Prioritize Racial Quotas Over Qualifications in Pilot Hiring

Nervous flyers have more cause to be anxious after United Airlines announced on Tuesday that it will seek to ensure half of its pilots are women or minorities in the coming years.

That’s not to assume that women and minorities cannot become pilots, or great ones at that. But it is beyond troubling that race and gender, and not skill only, will become criteria for hiring pilots.

In a job where a person is tasked with controlling a large airborne metal object loaded with people that wants by the nature of physics to come down, you’d think a company would want a person controlling it who is most qualified to defy gravity — whoever that person might be.

But corporate America, as we’ve seen in recent weeks and months, has embraced the “woke” politics of the American left.

Companies including United Airlines are now mouthpieces for the Democratic Party and its absurd strawman argument about election integrity and alleged racism. United on Monday lashed out at the state of Georgia for passing sensible election reforms such as requiring IDs for voters.