Admiral Giroir: We Can’t Rule Out Wuhan Coronavirus Was Engineered as a Bioweapon

During an interview with Fox News Thursday morning former Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Brett Giroir, a key figure in Operation Warp Speed, said investigators should not rule out the possibility Wuhan coronavirus was not only manipulated in a lab, but could be a Chinese Communist Party biological weapon. 

“It is not outrageous to hypothesize, you say, that the virus could have been part of an offensive bioweapons program and leaked out accidentally,” anchor Bill Hemmer asked.

“I think the most likely explanation is it was gain of function mutation work it leaked out. But unlike the United States, the United States does not have an offensive biological weapons program. There are multiple open sources of intel that suggest that China has an extensive biological weapons program and that it’s integrated between state laboratories, academia and private industry. So, it is not crazy as people suggest, as Dr. Collins suggested, that it was part of a bioweapons program. It is possible,” Giroir said.