Abrahamic Religion: All about a new religion which is a combination of Islam, Christianity, Judaism

(MSN) Discussions have started in Arab countries over a new religion which has neither any follower nor any religious text. Not only this, there has also been no official announcement regarding the existence of this religion.

What is Abrahamic religion?

The name of the new religion is Abrahamic religion and it is seen by many as a religious project. This new religion is a mixture of three old religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This religion is named after Prophet Abraham. The common things of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are included in this religion.

Abrahamic religion: start

Discussions over Abrahamic religion have been going on in Arab countries for the last one year and the new religion has sparked many controversies too. Through this religion, the idea is to create a religion which has no scripture, no follower and no existence. The sole purpose of this religious project is to set aside mutual differences and establish peace in the whole world.

Abrahamic religion: A political ploy

Those who are against the idea of this new religion believe that it is a political call under the guise of deception and exploitation and the main aim of this new religion is to normalize and enhance relations of Israel with Arab nations.

The use of the word “Abrahamia” started in September 2020 with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signing a normalization agreement with Israel.

The agreement, sponsored by former US President Donald Trump and his adviser Jared Kushner, is called the “Abrahamian Agreement”. It was stated by the US State Department at the time that the US encourages efforts to support intercultural and interreligious dialogue to advance peace between the three Abrahamic religions and all humanity.