A ‘Woke’ U.S. Military Would Beget A More Dangerous World

It takes many generations to build up a great armed forces — and only one misguided movement to tear it down.

I recently saw a new recruitment advertisement for the U.S. Army. It was in what appeared to be a sort of Japanese anime format. As a former military man, my reaction to this cartoon ran the gamut from bewilderment to horror.

The Army named the animation “The Calling,” and it is about joining one of the most serious and deadly organizations on earth. It is a fanciful (what the Army calls “emotional” and “relatable”) story of a girl who somehow ends up in uniform and manning Patriot missiles. Let me be clear, having women in the military doesn’t bother me. When I was a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Navy in the early 1980s, we were on the cusp of one of the military’s new “social engineering” missions. We had a new breed of naval aviator — women who, for the first time, were allowed in combat squadrons. We had complete faith and confidence in their abilities. This is not about that. This is about how the military is undermining its mission by drastically escalating these social engineering programs.

To continue about the cartoon ad, it shows a young girl who had a “typical childhood.” She was raised by two mothers and marched for social justice. We see a snippet of her parents’ same-sex marriage and then she heads off to UC Davis.