A real look at the impact of those darned “plagues” and “pandemics” of the last 12 years

The only way to sell Americans on getting so many dirty vaccines, year in and year out, is through a massive fear mongering campaign, hosted by the CDC and mass media everywhere. The problem is that it works, mainly because the populace is so doped up on mercury poisoning from the multi-dose flu shots that they can’t even remember what happened from one fake pandemic to the next.

Over 150 million Americans are fully convinced that every virus the media promotes is like the black plague, and that the human immune system is so weak, from birth to death, that we must ALL get every vaccine for every fake pandemic, or we will all die young. So let’s take an inside look at the real impact of those darned plagues that have totally besieged America for the past dozen or more years, nearly wiping us all off the face of the Earth (not even close).

You see, the real Black Plague, also known as the Bubonic Plague or “Black Death,” killed off some 25 million people in the 1600s. It set the precedent for all the scare tactics and fear mongering used today for any virus the CDC chooses to propagate in the news. Yet, the Black Plague still rears its ugly head all around the world, including in the USA, so where’s all the hype for that? Well, antibiotics quell it, just like vitamin D and zinc beat back Covid, but nobody is allowed to speak of natural remedies in America, or you get “Trumped.”