A Eulogy to the Rule of Law: The Political Prosecution of President Trump

Leftists in the United States are increasingly weaponizing investigations to persecute and prosecute their opponents for politics and policy differences. The left’s conduct is similar to the conduct you find in a banana republic where the authoritarian state punishes its political enemies with criminal prosecutions in search of crimes. It’s antithetical to America’s founding which rejected the idea and practice of those in power punishing political opponents for vague and ambiguous “crimes against the state.”  Instead, the Founders chose to create a country of laws, not of men.

Now, in one of those former colonies that rose up against the Crown’s abuses, New York Attorney General Letitia James is pursuing a contemptible criminal probe of President Donald J. Trump.  Without any knowledge or facts, James campaigned for attorney general in 2018 on a promise to target President Trump, his family and his businesses.  In her campaign, James claimed, without evidence, that the president conspired with foreign governments, obstructed justice, and committed money laundering.  Promising to criminally prosecute political opponents with no evidence of wrongdoing is about as dangerous to the Republic and rule of law as you can find in the United States.

As recently highlighted by Donald Trump Jr. on Tucker Carlson’s show, AG James is now making good on her campaign promise to not only prosecute President Trump but also members of his family.  This is an affront to justice.  As the state’s chief law enforcement official, she is keeping her promise in an unprecedented political prosecution in search of a crime, with taxpayers footing the bill even as New York deals with a violent crime crisis.