8-Week-Old Infant Reportedly Placed on Terror Watchlist

An 8-week-old infant was reportedly placed on a terrorism watchlist called Quiet Skies.

The baby’s father is January 6 defendant AJ Fischer.

According to UndercoverDC, the “Quiet Skies program is an undisclosed TSA program that ‘targets travelers who “are not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base.”‘”

The baby was discovered to have been designated a “Suspected Domestic Terrorist” when Fischer’s fiancée booked a plane ticket for herself and the infant. The boarding pass read “SSSS.”

Fischer, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, told UndercoverDC that he and his fiancée were “harassed and treated disrespectfully, missed our flight, and had to buy a new one. The ticket counter took 45 minutes to issue our tickets because they couldn’t check us in. Then TSA took over an hour to search us. They knew our flight was boarding and leaving. We had to buy new tickets on a different airline, leave the gate, and go through it all again. It is the epitome of [Dinesh D’Souza’s] police state.”

Fischer’s fiancée was not part of the January 6, 2021 event.

According to retired Federal Air Marshal Sonya LaBosco, “Everyone who flew into D.C. and its surrounding area on or around Jan. 6 is a potential terrorism suspect.”

“The FBI came to TSA, in the beginning, asking for every manifest for every traveler who flew in and out of the National Capitol Region that day. The TSA got the list to the FBI and ingested it into the TSA’s national security database. I have seen the records,” LaBosco added. “I can prove it. The TSA actually went one step ahead and put that this person or that [person] broke into the Capitol on their internal sheet.”

“Most of the people in Quiet Skies are January 2021 folks. And I don’t even say J6ers because many of the people on the list weren’t even at the Capitol that day. We are not doing any preventative flights for real terrorists or for people who might be flagged that way,” she stated. “We are not following Antifa or BLM. We are not following Al Qaeda or ISIS, despite how many times Christopher Wray comes out saying we have to be careful. It is sad. Air Marshals are being misused in what is now a dangerous distraction.”

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) renewed its “intelligence-based screening rules known as Silent Partner and Quiet Skies” in 2019.

“Silent Partner rules identify passengers for enhanced screening on inbound flights to the United States. Quiet Skies rules—a subset of the Silent Partner rules—identify passengers for enhanced screening on subsequent domestic and outbound flights,” a GAO report read. “TSA officials said that the one method they had used to assess effectiveness was to count Quiet Skies passengers who were later added to the government’s watchlist of known or suspected terrorists.”

LaBosco noted that since the Quiet Skies program was launched in 2010, it has found “zero terrorists.”

“TSA has wasted about $394 million on a program that doesn’t work and is just a big lucrative [TSA] domestic surveillance grab on travelers who pose no threat to national security,” she asserted.