75,000 Attendees at Trump’s South Carolina Rally

Originally published July 5, 2023 4:00 am PDT

Over the weekend, former President Donald J. Trump conducted a tour de force through multiple states, celebrating Independence Day with throngs of supporters, notably drawing a reported crowd of 75,000 proud American patriots in Pickens, South Carolina.

The figure represents one of the largest gatherings for the former president since he left office.

“On Main Street in Pickens,” according to the Trump campaign press release, President Trump celebrated Independence Day with a reported “75,000 proud American patriots.”

President Trump’s campaign tour spanned multiple pivotal states, including Iowa and New Hampshire, following the massive rally in South Carolina, where he also announced the endorsements of “over 250 grassroots leaders representing all 46 counties in the Palmetto State.”

The event came on the heels of a triumphant survey result.

The National Public Affairs poll reveals President Trump “trouncing the Republican field by 23 points, dominating Ron DeSantis and state natives Tim Scott and Nikki Haley.”

The energy of the South Carolina rally carried over into New Hampshire, where President Trump made his presence felt at the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women’s most successful Lilac Luncheon ever.

The Trump campaign also launched its first campaign headquarters in Manchester.

In terms of local support, the Trump campaign announced an “initial New Hampshire Grassroots Leadership Team with over 150 dedicated activists and organizers throughout the Granite State’s ten counties.”

Highlighting his momentum in the First-in-the-Nation primary state, President Trump was found to be “beating DeSantis by 28 points,” according to a new Saint Anselm poll, and a New Hampshire Journal/coefficient poll finds Trump holding a commanding 34-point lead over DeSantis.

The campaign then shifted to Iowa, a state in which President Trump has previously demonstrated strong support from elected officials and grassroots leaders.

His commitment to the region was highlighted in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he applauded his “incredible record of fearlessly defending Iowa farmers and delivering for Iowa’s agriculture and Ethanol industries.”

Amidst these movements and the celebration of America’s Independence Day, the Trump campaign remained politically active, joining more than 30 parades in Iowa alone.

This robust participation aligns with recent survey results.

“A recent survey by McLaughlin & Associates shows President Trump with a commanding lead over DeSantis in the First-in-the-Nation caucuses, with Trump beating DeSantis by 32 points,” reported the campaign press release.

Nationally, the landscape seems to be tilting in favor of President Trump, as he dominates DeSantis by 34 points in a new Fox News poll. His lead has grown by 19 percentage points since February.

The same poll reveals that DeSantis trails Trump by 50 points among younger GOP voters.

While the former president’s numbers look promising within his party, the ultimate test would be a general election matchup.

Four newly released consecutive polls have shown only President Trump can beat Joe Biden, with leads ranging from 2 to 4 points.