70% of Hospitalized COVID Patients in London Admitted for ‘Other Ailments,’ Diagnosed Afterward

More than two-thirds of those in London who currently are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 were found to have the virus after they were admitted with other complaints and tested while under medical care.

  • News agencies are reporting that the city of London’s “surge” in COVID-19 hospitalizations could be due to increased testing of those under medical care, rather than an increase in severe cases of the illness, according to Summit News.
  • A journalist for The Telegraph revealed that the panic that has driven lawmakers to justify extended lockdown restrictions on the British public might be a misinterpretation of the facts surrounding COVID-19 data.
  • The journalist, Allison Pearson, has asserted that scientists are acting out of line with their profession and their level of authority by pushing for more restrictions without due justifications.
  • The facts as reported by Pearson, indicate that only five percent of hospital beds in England are occupied by COVID-19 patents and that the real way to understand why those being admitted with other ailments who test positive for COVID-19 are being counted as “COVID admissions.”
  • “On December 10, Professor Neil Ferguson pointed out that Covid hospital admissions were about 700 a day. What he failed to take into account is that such a worrying number would be balanced by around 600 Covid discharges each day. According to my source, the current seven-day average for Covid hospital discharges is 623 per day compared with average admissions of 780. While both metrics have, indeed, increased, hospital bed occupancy has stayed roughly the same.”
  • “According to my reliable NHS England source, admissions with Covid have actually been declining for the past week, if you look at the seven-day-rolling average. The number of patients in hospital for other ailments who test positive for Covid – but are sneakily counted as “Covid admissions” – is rising slightly but most of the increase is seen among those who have been in hospital for more than eight days. So – brace yourselves – those poor sick people have been given Covid by the very hospital where they went to get better. Save the NHS, eh?”
  • Thousands took to the streets to protest lockdown, clashing with police earlier this month in what was called a “Freedom Rally” outside the Palace of Westminster, according to The Washington Times.
  • Apprehension of a Christmas lockdown over the Omicron variant is on the rise as the number of reported cases of the virus continues to rise, according to The Independent.
  • An average of 37 pubs are closing every month across England and Wales, with a total of 444 of the small businesses having been forced to close since the start of the pandemic, The Express UK reported.