66% of Republicans in Southern U.S. Want to Secede from Country

Two-thirds of Republicans in the southern United States and 47% of West Coast Democrats want to split from the country and form their own nation, reveals a new Bright Line Watch and YouGov poll.

  • poll released on Wednesday by Bright Line Watch and YouGov reveals that a large portion of American citizens want their local region to secede from the nation, with
  • Southern Republicans and West Coast Democrats make up the most unhappy with the current state of U.S. politics and culture.
  • The Southern U.S. and West Coast expressed the highest desire to break free, but numbers were also high in the north and in mountain states.
  • 44% of total southerners (Republican and Democrat) support secession, 66% of Republicans, 20% of Democrats, and 50% of Independents.
  • On the West Coast (including Alaska and Hawaii), a total of 39% of Americans want secession, 27% of Republicans, 47% of Democrats, and 33% of Independents.
  • In the north, 34% in total said they want to secede, 26% of Republicans, 39% of Democrats, and 35% of Independents.
  • In the mountain states, 32% want to break with the U.S., 43% of Republicans, 17% of Democrats, and 35% of Independents.
  • Bright Line Watch called the figures “distressingly high.”
  • Data journalist Christopher Ingraham called it the “most disturbing datapoint I’ve seen in a while.”