51% Likely Voters: More Gun Laws Wouldn’t Prevent Boulder Attack

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted March 24-25, 2021, shows 51 percent of likely voters believe stricter gun control would not have prevented Monday’s shooting in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store.

According to Rasmussen, just over a third of likely voters–39 percent–said stricter gun control would have stopped the shooting, while over half–51 percent–said more stringent gun laws would not. When the answers are broken down by party affiliations, 73 percent of Republicans said stricter gun control would not have stopped the Boulder attack while 67 percent of Democrats said it would.

Moreover, Rasmussen found that 64 percent of likely voters believe it simply is not possible to “completely prevent” attacks such as the one in Boulder this week and the Atlanta-area the week prior.

When asked if the United States needs more gun control in general, 49 percent of likely voters said “No” versus 46 percent said “Yes.”

Again looking at party affiliation, 71 percent of Republicans said no more gun control was needed versus 77 percent of Democrats who said it was.