47-Year-Old CNN/MSNBC Legal Analyst Dies Weeks After Receiving COVID Vaccine

  • Another “coincidental” death according to mainstream media

47-year-old liberal television personality Midwin Charles suddenly passed away Tuesday, soon after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.

Charles, who had preexisting medical conditions including asthma and a severe peanut allergy, was worried about going into anaphylaxis shock when she went to get the shot.

“I have a death-causing allergy to peanuts and wanted to have my Epi-pen with me when I got vaccinated in case I went into anaphylaxis shock,” she wrote. “Turns out my ‘insurance’ wouldn’t cover it and it’s $387????”

Taking the first shot on March 1st, Charles would have been scheduled to take her second dose days before her untimely death.