40 Times More ‘Serious Side Effects’ Than Official Government Records Indicate: Germany

Russian news outlets call out United States pharmaceuticals as Pfizer released massive amounts of data about their vaccine.

  • Professor Harald Matthes of Berlin’s Charite University Hospital has reportedly found that COVID-19 vaccines have 40 times more “serious side effects” than what the German government has acknowledged. 
  • Russian-based media outlet RT reported that the German researcher’s data was released on Tuesday, corresponding with when vaccine manufacturer Pfizer released massive amounts of data about its vaccine. 
  • According to Matthes’ study, 1 in 125 recipients have “serious side effects” from the coronavirus vaccine, according to a report by Germany’s MDR television network.
  • That statistic is 40 times more incidences of serious side effects than what the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the health ministry agency for Germany in charge of vaccine rollout, reported, which was just 0.2 out of every 1,000 vaccine doses administered.
  • “The number is not surprising,” Matthes explained. “It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada. Incidentally, even the manufacturers of the vaccines have already determined similar values ​​in their studies.”
  • Matthes’ team recorded muscle and joint pain, heart inflammation, dysfunction of the immune system and neurological disorders among the 40,000 recipients studied.
  • Due to the records indicating that about 179 million vaccine doses were administered in Germany, Matthes believes there could be as many as “half a million cases with serious side effects.”
  • In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released around 90,000 pages of documentation from Pfizer that related to their data about the safety and efficacy of its Covid-19 shot.
  • Initial reports indicate that the documentation released indicates that internal studies from the vaccine manufacturer noted that 1,223 people out of 29,914 suffered adverse events or died following vaccination.
  • The Lancet medical journal has reported that the vaccine reduces the absolute risk of dying of COVID-19 by less than one percent.