3 Reasons Unionizing Will Actually Hurt Amazon Workers

Amazon workers should learn these 3 things from the troubled history of past unionization efforts.

There’s a fierce battle going down in Alabama, and unlike most of the state’s skirmishes, this one does not revolve around football.

Instead, the arena is Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama warehouse where employees have taken a vote on whether or not to unionize. It’s unclear when the final count will be tallied, but the process is underway.

The event has drawn national attention as the power of unions has languished in recent decades, especially in the South. Given Amazon’s size and prominence, many believe a successful vote in Bessemer would have a ripple effect on other Amazon locations, the technology sector, and perhaps the entire South.

Smelling blood in the water, prominent Democrats have been investing a lot of time, money, and energy in the effort, with Senator Bernie Sanders holding pro-union rallies in the town.

For its part, Amazon is not taking the effort lying down.