2A Florida Sheriff Tells Citizens to Shoot Looters Until They ‘Look Like Grated Cheese’

Florida Sheriff Grady Judd, long known for his epic takedowns of child sex offenders and internet perverts, recommended that if citizens of Polk County, Florida encounter looters in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, they shoot them until they “look like grated cheese.”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, reports have emerged that organized bands of looters, sometimes armed, are making their way through storm-ravaged shopping centers and neighborhoods in search of things to steal and vulnerable storm victims to hold up and rob. Pro-gun Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd advised homeowners in his county to defend themselves and their property from looters with lethal force, recommending that, should they encounter the thugs, they shoot them until they “look like grated cheese.”

Looting is “absolutely unacceptable,” Sheriff Judd, an outspoken law and order man, told Fox News during a live weekend appearance, providing situation updates from storm-ravaged Polk County, Florida.

“I would highly suggest that if a looter breaks into your home, comes into your home while you’re there, to steal stuff, that you take your gun and you shoot him,” Sheriff Judd said.

“You shoot him so that he looks like grated cheese.”

“Because you know what,” Sheriff Judd explained. “That’s one looter that won’t break into anyone else’s home and take advantage of them when they’re the most vulnerable and the most weak.”

Watch Sheriff Judd’s advice on how to handle looters below:

Cops have warned in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian that looting will get “progressively worse” as time goes on and recovery efforts continue, with opportunists and desperate criminals targeting the massive influx of goods and materials pouring into the state. Law enforcement has reported the arrests of looters and so-called loot gangs in numerous cities and counties, including the incredibly hard-hit area of Fort Meyers.

Among the hurricane looters that have been arrested by Florida law enforcement are multiple illegal aliens.

When a gang of illegals was arrested for looting last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that it wasn’t just them, but that the bulk of looters that Florida authorities have arrested have been illegal aliens.

DeSantis said at the time that he’d like to “drag them out by the collars” and “send them back to where they came from.”

Reporting from National File.