253 Mainstream News Outlets Have Ties to George Soros

The Democrat super-donor is tied to NPR, ProPublica, and other media organizations around the world.

  • A newly released study shows that leftist George Soros is reportedly tied to at least an astonishing 253 media organizations around the world.
  • The conservative Media Research Center (MRC) conducted the aforementioned study and discovered that Soros uses his charities to build relationships with news outlets and “activist media” organizations.  
  • MRC notes Soros is tied to a “litany” of left-wing activist groups: The Marshall Project, the Biden administration’s since-dismantled Disinformation Governance Board, Project Syndicate, open Democracy (based in the United Kingdom), the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network, NPR, ProPublica, Free Press, and numerous of other outlets.
  • Soros was the largest donor to Democrats during the midterm elections, but MRC Business says that’s “just a drop in the bucket compared to the over $32 billion he pumped into his Open Society Foundations (OSF) since 1984 to shape politics to his liking on a global scale.” 
  • MRC Business analysts Joseph Vazquez and Daniel Schneider wrote that the “journalism groups Soros supports have the ability to mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages. They also insulate him from the inquiry because reporters see him as an ally, not a target for investigation.”
  • They continued, “The 92-year-old philanthropist’s multimillion-dollar efforts promoting his bizarre ‘open society’ agenda encompass some of the most radical leftist ideas on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT fanaticism, in the United States, Soros is known for his massive involvement backing liberal policies and politicians. Since the 2016 election, he has spent at least $200 million backing political candidates, which includes $29 million for local prosecutors and district attorneys.” 
  • Vazquez and Schneider continued, “It is easy to criticize Soros’ politics. But he is a savvy investor – whether he’s trying to make money or use it to push his agenda. The kind of left-wing utopianism that undergirds the propaganda that media organizations fuel using Soros cash has been spreading for decades.” 
  • Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell appeared on “Fox News @ Night” on Monday to discuss the deep dive into Soros’ media ties. We’re in the information age, the left has figured that out… we looked just at Soros alone, in the last three years, I believe, he has supported, get this, 253 media organizations worldwide,” he stated. “Everywhere you look… when you look at the Poynter Institute, a big fact-checker, it’s funded by George Soros. How many people know that when you go on Google and you look up something, immediately you get Wikipedia, funded by George Soros?”
  • Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has received a major boost ahead of the December Senate runoff election from George Soros’s political action committee.
  • Records show that the committee is linked to a Soror-affiliated dark money nonprofit organization.
  • Soros-backed Black Voters Matter Action PAC has spent over $141,000 to support Warnock on November 4 and has poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars to further boost the church pastor, according to new Federal Election Commission filings.