25-Year-Old Doctor Dies Unexpectedly

A pharma student at the University of Pittsburgh died suddenly from an “unknown cause” last month, leaving friends and family in disbelief.

  • 25-year-old Dr. Lindsay Ann Heck passed away unexpectedly and with no known cause last month, leaving her friends and family stunned.
  • “Lindsay was the light of everyone’s life, her smile lit up a room, and her laughter was contagious,” Heck’s obituary read. “She was a loyal friend and trusted confidante to everyone she loved. Lindsay loved fiercely and lived her life always putting others before herself.”
  • Heck earned a PhD in pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh and “was called into the arms of the Lord, unexpectedly on December 20, 2022.”
  • The young woman was a fellow in the university’s Community Pharmacy Practice Development and Research Fellowship, and passed away after her sister attempted to administer CPR.

“She loved teaching students, doing research, running multiple vaccine clinics and sharing her passion and knowledge with others,” Heck’s obituary read.

  • Earlier this month, 46-year-old Las Vegas resident Alicia Groeblinghoff died after going into cardiac arrest at the gym.
  • The woman’s friend, Michele Morgan, told a local news outlet that Groeblinghoff had no history of heart issues before she “suddenly, without warning, collapsed at the gym and suffered a massive cardiac arrest.”
  • Outkick founder and sports writer Clay Travis said earlier this week the prevalence of the number of deaths among healthy young people lately is unlike anything he has ever witnessed.
  • “In the world of sports, we need deep-dive investigations into whether the COVID shot is leading to more deaths of young, otherwise healthy people,” Travis said.
  • “Now, I have been writing and talking about sports for 20 years, nearly,” he continued. “I don’t remember stories like this happening. I don’t remember stories about athletes walking on college campuses and suddenly dropping… But the number of high school, college, even pro-athletes who are suddenly just dropping all around the world seems to be a fairly substantial trend.”