2 Churches Threatened with Satanic Graffiti, Another Possible Arson Target

Several congregations throughout the U.S. have recently been targeted by vandals, some of whom defaced churches with satanic graffiti. Authorities are also investigating whether an arsonist started a fire that caused a church building to burn down in Florida. 

“It was somewhat alarming because it has never happened before,” said First Lady Jennifer Washington of Temple of Greater Works in Shreveport, La. “But at the same time, it kinda reinforced my faith, the stand we are making for truth today in spite of everything that is going on, the expression of hatred. We just want to [make] sure our expression of love is greater.”

On Monday at 8:30 a.m., Washington and her husband, Pastor Richard Washington, discovered that the doors of their church building had been spray-painted with the number “666” and a pentagram.