141 People Baptized in South Carolina Church

The First Baptist Church of Simpsonville, South Carolina, baptized 141 individuals.

Senior Pastor Wayne Bray described the number of baptisms as “unimaginable.”

“We have never seen anything like this in our church. To think that 141 people followed the Lord in baptism is truly unimaginable for me. I feel so blessed to be the pastor of Upstate Church,” he told Baptist Press.

The pastor described that the church usually has an estimated 30-40 baptisms.

“Our hope was to have someone scheduled for baptism in every service on every campus. By Friday, Dec. 1, we already had 86 baptisms scheduled across all our campuses,” he noted. “This was overwhelming, but it gave us even more confidence to preach the Gospel on Sunday, expecting the Holy Spirit to move.”

“We had 55 additional decisions (Sunday) across all locations.”

Bray added that “God has certainly been doing something special these past few years We’ve baptized 400 new believers since the beginning of 2022.”

Earlier this year, more than 200 Auburn University students were baptized during a campus worship event.

Among those facilitating the baptisms was Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze.

Videos and photos shared on social media platforms depicted the immense support and joy, with large cheers every time a student was baptized.

Auburn senior and editor-in-chief of The Auburn Plainsman, Kristen Carr, revealed in a conversation with The Washington Times she went to the rally “originally just as a spectator” but decided she “needed to start covering this and videoing because it was so unusual. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”