10 Million: ‘Died Suddenly’ Film Soars Into 8-Digit Territory

The groundbreaking new film from the Stew Peters Network uncovers the depopulation scheme at the heart of the COVID jab push.

Died Suddenly, the mega-viral new film from the Stew Peters Network, has eclipsed 10 million views, shattering through left-wing censors to expose the global depopulation scheme at the heart of the COVID jab roll-out.

Directed by award-winning documentarians Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer, with help from producers Stew Peters, Lauren Witzke, and Edward Szall, Died Suddenly has garnered massive viewership, across multiple platforms, since its Monday evening release. As of Friday, over 10 million viewers all around the globe have streamed the film, busting through left-wing censors to disrupt the globalist narrative that’s dominated the news and cultural cycle of the last three years.

Critics and citizen reviewers online have hailed Died Suddenly as the “film of the century.”

On Rumble alone, where Died Suddenly made its official debut, more than 7.8 million viewers have seen the film thus far.

Died Suddenly Rumble Millions
Died Suddenly, from the Stew Peters Network, has eclipsed 10 million views, exceeding 7 million on Rumble alone since its Monday release.

Watch The Full “Died Suddenly” Film HERE

On Twitter, Died Suddenly’s official stream has picked up an additional 1.6 million views. Those millions have come despite futile left-wing efforts to block its viral distribution.

On Telegram, approximately 300,000 more viewers have streamed the film.

When those viewers from BEK News, as well as Mike Lindell’s LindellTV platform, are factored in, the viewer count grows even more.

And those are just the official streams. On social media platforms and video-sharing sites all over the internet, bootleg Died Suddenly streams are popping up.

Watch The Full “Died Suddenly” Film HERE

Died Suddenly Twitter Views
Died Suddenly has received over 1.6 million views on Twitter – despite censorship efforts.

Taking inspiration in its name from a phrase now commonly found in obituaries worldwide, in the wake of the COVID jab roll-out, left-wing censors have failed to stop Died Suddenly’s mega-viral success.

That hasn’t stopped them from trying though.

On Facebook, censors have taken a rather dystopian approach, halting users from even posting links to the Died Suddenly stream on the site when they attempt to do so.

In one screenshot obtained by National File, a Facebook censorship message informed a user that their Died Suddenly post had been “declined,” as if they’d swiped a bad credit card.

Died Suddenly Facebook
Facebook is censoring “died suddenly” before it’s even posted to the platform.

On Google, content manipulators have tried to push negative news stories about the film to the top, while hiding its actual stream. But reports on the film from outlets like National File have broken through.

What’s more, is that appearing right beside the corporate media stories being boosted by Google to slander the film, are obituaries and news stories from all over the world, memorializing those who have “died suddenly” in the wake of COVID-19 and its “vaccines.”

Died Suddenly Google

Reporting by The National File.