10.8 Million Mail-In Ballots ‘Unaccounted For’ in California’s 2022 Midterm Elections

According to data from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), over 10.8 million mail-in ballots were unaccounted for in California’s 2022 midterm elections, according to a report from Breitbart News.

Of the 22.1 million ballots that were sent out to registered voters, over 10.8 million were not accounted for, with researchers stating that election officials can only make assumptions about what happened to them.

“Typically, when a polling place opens and closes, there is an accounting of all election materials. Significant issues arise when incidents occur such as ballots disappearing at poll closing time,” the researchers said. “With mass mail elections, problems accumulate.”

That 10 million ballots went missing means that “election officials do not know what happened to them,” the PILF researchers added.

“It is fair to assume that the bulk of these were ignored or ultimately thrown out by the intended recipients. But, under mass mail elections, we can only assume what happened. Mail voting practices have an insurmountable information gap. The public cannot know how many ballots were disregarded, delivered to wrong mailboxes, or even withheld from the proper recipient by someone at the same address,” the researchers went on to say.

Additional data from PILF shows that a significant number of mail-in ballots were rejected in the 2022 primary and general midterm elections in California. Over 226,000 ballots were rejected, including 120,000 thrown out in the general election.

Furthermore, 800 mail-in ballots were rejected after California election officials found that the individuals who cast them had already voted.

A large number of ballots were rejected for arriving late as well, lacking a matching signature, not having a signature, and refusing to provide identification.

PILF President J. Christian Adams commented on the issue: “Mail ballots disenfranchise. There are many reasons mail ballots fail ultimately to count. No one casting a ballot at home can correct an error before it’s too late. California’s vote-by-mail demonstration should serve as a warning to state legislators elsewhere.”

PILF is a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm “dedicated to election integrity,” according to the foundation’s website. The foundation “exists to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections” and “protects the right to vote and preserves the Constitutional framework of American elections through litigation, investigation, research, and education.”