1% Of Counties Responsible for Almost Half of United States’ Murders

The Crime Prevention Research Center released a study revealing that only 30 U.S. counties account for 42% of the nation’s murders in 2020. 5% of counties nationwide account for 73% of murders in the United States. 52% of counties did not report any homicides in 2020.

From The Washington Times:

“Murder isn’t a nationwide problem. It’s a problem in a small set of urban areas, and even in those counties murders are concentrated in small areas inside them, and any solution must reduce those murders,” [President of the Crime Prevention Research Center John R. Lott Jr.] wrote in his report.


“It’s primarily in those heavily urban areas where you’re having the most lax approaches to crime on average, and that’s where we’re seeing the biggest increases,” he told The Times. “That’s why we’re seeing their share of murders and other violent crimes increased.”