1 in 3 Refugees Fleeing Ukraine to France Aren’t Ukrainian

Many refugees displaced from Ukraine conflict arriving in France are from Africa and the Middle East.

  • About one-third of the Ukrainian refugees arriving in France aren’t Ukrainian, according to RMX News.
  • The French newspaper Le Figaro indicated that there were a large number of individuals of African and Middle East origin asking for refuge from the war between Ukraine and Russia.
  • Roughly 7.5 percent of those arriving through official channels are of Algerian nationality, while 3.5 percent of arrivals are from the Ivory Coast and Morocco.
  • Indians and Kyrgyzstan nationals make up 2.5 percent apiece, and other nationalities arriving include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Pakistan, Nigeria, and China.
  • France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex said France has seen more than 5,000 prospective asylum seekers at their border since the start of the conflict.
  • Castex said that the number of displaced migrants arriving at their doors is “rapidly increasing” since Feb. 25.
  • An estimated 500 refugees arrived on Monday alone on a bus from Berlin, while others are arriving by rail and air.
  • Other non-asylum seekers are coming from Ukraine, unofficially visiting to stay with family members already settled in France.
  • The UN estimates that around 3 million people have fled Ukraine due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, according to CBS News.
  • Many of those fleeing Ukraine have sought refuge in Poland with Poland Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau saying their nation had taken in 1.6 million as of Monday and 1.8 million as of Tuesday.