YMCA Camp Adds ‘All Gender’ Cabins

A YMCA camp in Chester, Connecticut, announced that it will add an “all gender” cabin this summer.

The cabin will house campers who “don’t want to be in a traditional ‘gendered’ cabin for any reason,” want to “try something new,” or wish to stay with a friend, cousin, or sibling of the opposite gender.

“This includes campers whose identity may or may not fall into the male-female binary, including allies who would be interested in living in an all-gender space,” the announcement reads.

Traditional cabins have also been labeled as “Boys+” and “Girls+.”

Boys and girls, “regardless of sex assigned at birth as well as transgender and non-binary campers,” may stay at these cabins.

The purpose of the cabins is to encourage students to “feel they belong.”

Students attending the camp are in grades 3 and up.

According to The Connecticut Centinal, Camp Hazen YMCA director Katherine Davies said that the organization is “not doing anything different from anyone else in the world, we just want to be inclusive.”