WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Wants to ‘Master the Future’

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting began in Switzerland this week, with founder Klaus Schwab calling for those in attendance to “master the future.”

  • The World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab opened the 2023 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week, with calls for attendees to control the future.
  • “We couldn’t meet at a more challenging time,” Schwab said in his opening remarks. “We are confronted with so many crises simultaneously. What does it mean to master the future?”
  • Schwab claimed that collectively the world must “come together” in order to confront the economic challenges of the future.
  • “I think, to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are engaged. Governments, businesses, civil society, the young generation—and I could go on. I think is the first step to meet all the challenges,” he continued.
  • According to the WEF, stopping the spread of “right wing disinformation” is a crucial step towards ensuring trust in nongovernment organizations collaborating with governments and other organizations on initiatives aimed at “improving the state of the world.”
  • “The Davos Agenda is a pioneering mobilization of global leaders to shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed in this challenging new context. It is essential for leaders from all walks of life to work together virtually for a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future,” WEF’s website reads.

“Our global economy is undergoing deep transformation. The energy conservation, the consequences of COVID, the reshaping of supply chains are all serving as catalytic forces forcing economic transformation,” Schwab said.

  • It was previously reported that Schwab would not be attending the WEF’s annual summit in Davos due to a “health issue” though he ultimately opened the gathering.
  • The summit, taking place throughout the week, has attracted criticism in recent years for its perceived anti-human agenda and its alleged ties to population control and globalist corporations.
  • On-the-ground reports suggested there is more security than ever before at the Davos summit, with thousands of military personnel and police officers deployed for “security” purposes.