Virginia Lt. Gov. Misgenders Trans Senator, Democrats Revolt

Virginia’s Democratic state senators walked out of a hearing after Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears (R) responded “yes sir” to a female-identifying transgender senator.

“Madam president, how many votes would it take to pass this bill with the emergency clause?” Senator Danica Roem asked Sears.

Sears said it would take four-fifths of the vote, prompting Roem to clarify, “And what would be the exact number for that madam president?”

Sears stated, “Yes, sir, that would be 32,” adding, “Those in favor of that motion shall record their votes aye.”

Roem immediately left and missed the vote.

Several other Democrats walked out while another refused to speak on her turn.

After two recesses, the legislature resumed.

Following the breaks, Sears said, “I said something that upset Sen. Roem. Let it be known I am not here to upset anyone. I am here to do the job that the people of Virginia have called me to do and that is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I myself have at times not been afforded that same respect and dignity, but in this body and as long as I am president of the Senate and by the grace of God, I will be treated with respect and dignity and I will treat everyone else with respect and dignity.”

She noted that she often mistakenly uses the wrong names for people and titles. “I apologize,” Sears said. “And I would hope that everyone would understand there is no intent to offend.”

The Virginia Democrats responded to the situation on X, writing, “Apology or no apology, we will not forget this smear, @WinsomeSears. Show some respect for the position you have and don’t insult one of VA’s finest public servants from that dais. Again, we will not forget.”

Others applauded Sears for her use of biological pronouns, with former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines saying, “We live in a time where it is deemed ‘abhorrent’ to call a man sir lol. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.”

Prince William County supervisor and congressional candidate Yesli Vega wrote, “To honor black history month, Virginia’s first black female Lt. Governor gets attacked by unhinged liberals for calling a spade a spade. You don’t matter to the Democrat Party unless you walk, think, & talk like them.”

American Faith reported that transgender, biological male Danica Roem (D-VA) won a Virginia State Senate seat in November 2023.

“I’m grateful the people of Virginia’s 30th Senate district elected me to continue representing my lifelong home of western Pince William County and greater Manassas. The voters have shown they want a leader who will prioritize fixing roads, feeding kids, and protecting our land instead of stigmatizing trans kids or taking away your civil rights,” Roem said in a statement.