Van Jones: Debate Performance Critical for Biden Against Trump

CNN commentator Van Jones has heightened the stakes for President Joe Biden, asserting that it’s “game over” if he falters in the upcoming debate against Donald Trump, according to a report from the Huffington Post.

On Thursday, Jones emphasized the critical importance of Biden’s debate performance, stating, “This is the entire election as far as I’m concerned.”

“If Biden goes out there and messes up, it’s game over,” Jones continued. “If he walks out there and a week later he’s lower in the polls, it’s panic in the party. But if he goes in there and he can handle himself against Donald Trump — a runaway train, a locomotive, a raging bull — then this guy deserves another shot to be president, because that is tough.”

Jones added that if Biden can go toe-to-toe with Trump for an hour and a half, “you are fit to be president.” The first debate ahead of Biden and Trump’s expected rematch in November will be held June 27 on CNN.