University of Pennsylvania’s Chinese Donations to Be Investigated After Biden Classified Docs Found

“This is another aspect of the potential for this family to be compromised,” said James Comer.

  • House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) will expand his investigation of the Biden family to include the University of Pennsylvania’s use of Chinese donations while it employed Joe Biden.
  • The announcement followed the revelation that UPenn collected $67.6 million from Chinese donations between 2013 and 2019.
  • $47.7 million in Chinese donations and contracts were collected during the 2.5 years Joe Biden worked for the university, beginning in 2017, and coincided with Hunter Biden’s business deal with a Chinese energy company.
  • “We’re sending a letter to Penn requesting documents related to the Chinese donations,” said Rep. Comer. “We want a list of individuals involved, whoever was involved in soliciting donations from China.”
  • Comer described the extensive relationship between China and the Biden family as suggesting that the administration “could in fact be compromised by China.”
  • “Every person that has any knowledge or experience with academia knows that China has infiltrated all of our research universities with Chinese spies,” Comer added.
  • Rep. Comer is to investigate more than 150 suspicious activity reports (SARs) from Hunter Biden’s business deals.
  • “The American people must know the extent of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s shady business deals and if these deals threaten national security and his decision-making as president,” Comer said.
  • Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) is to lead a subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal government,” targeting the “far-reaching” politicization of the Justice Department.
  • Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon filed articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the ill-handling of the U.S-Mexico border crisis.
  • American Faith reported that the House GOP will probe Biden’s potential overreach in his executive order regarding voter expansion.
  • While the House plans its numerous investigations, Hunter Biden hired Bill Clinton’s impeachment attorney, Abe Lowell, to join his legal defense team.