University Criticized After Referring to Women’s History Month as ‘Womynx History Month’

Missouri university faces backlash after calling Women’s History Month, “Womynx History Month.”

  • Northwest Missouri State University has since deleted a tweet that said “To commemorate Womynx History Month, Northwest will host a variety of activities throughout the month of March. The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.'”
  • The school also included a link to a website that explained that the school decided to incorporate the term “womynx” rather than “women” in order to make everyone feel more “included.”
  • A spokesperson at the school said the intent behind the term was “intended to promote inclusivity among students but did not elaborate on who, besides biological women, were being included.”

“People at Northwest Missouri State really woke up this morning and decided they needed to start casually using womynx as if it wasn’t completely insane.”

  • Dr. Giselle Greenidge, assistant professor of sociology at the university is also a member of the “Womynx History Month Committee,” a month-long event hosted by the school hosting a series of activities, culminating with its annual Influential Womxn Awards.
  • “It is vital that we celebrate Women’s History Month at Northwest to recognize the many achievements of influential women that usually go unnoticed, and to acknowledge the role Northwest’s women have played in delivering care and spreading the spirit of hope,” Greenidge said. “Women worldwide are the predominant providers of informal care, and Northwest is no exception.”