Trump Supporters Protest Newsom During Pennsylvania Event

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) appeared at a campaign event for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, where he was met by a group of Donald Trump supporters.

The Trump supporters were filmed holding “We Need Trump” signs.

A Biden-Harris staffer asked Biden supporters to move closer to the front of the stage so they could be seen by the press.

“If I can ask people to start consolidating into the space, we just want to show how many people are here, right? We got some friends in the back, let’s show the press how much energy there is,” he said.

“I’m hearing reports that there are MORE Trump supporters waving signs outside of Gavin Newsom’s Bucks County event than democrats,” conservative activist Scott Presler wrote on X.

According to one Republican attendee, Logan Dubil, Newsom and other speakers “spread lies about Trump and the Republican Party,” Dubil shared on social media.

“Democrats are WORRIED about 2024,” he added.