Trump Plans Border-Centric Rallies in Key Battleground States

Donald Trump is expected to ramp up his criticism of President Joe Biden’s border policies during campaign events in Wisconsin and Michigan, critical battleground states for the 2024 election.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump will deliver a speech focused on what his campaign dubs “Biden’s Border Bloodbath” before heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the day of the state’s presidential primaries.

Polls indicate Trump holds an advantage over Biden on immigration issues, with many voters expressing concern over record-high illegal border crossings. Recent attention has been drawn to high-profile cases involving immigrants charged with crimes, such as the killing of nursing student Laken Riley in Georgia.

During his appearance, Trump is expected to address the killing of Ruby Garcia, a Michigan woman found dead on the side of a Grand Rapids highway. The suspect, Brandon Ortiz Vite, allegedly shot her during an argument. Authorities revealed that Ortiz Vite, a citizen of Mexico, had previously been deported following a drunk driving arrest.

“Under Crooked Joe Biden, EVERY state is now a border state,” said Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt, previewing the speech. “EVERY town is now a Border Town — because Joe Biden has brought the carnage, chaos, and killing from all over world, and dumped it straight into our own backyards.”

FBI data indicates an overall decrease in violent crime in the U.S. last year, with Michigan reporting a three-year low in 2022. However, Trump’s focus on immigration-related incidents has heightened tensions.

Trump’s visit comes amidst criticism from Biden’s campaign, which accuses him of politicizing tragedies. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer urged Congress and the president to address border issues but criticized Trump for abandoning bipartisan efforts.

Republicans in both states are working to catch up with Democrats organizationally ahead of the election. In Michigan, GOP efforts have been overshadowed by controversies, while Democrats in Wisconsin have touted their strong organizational presence.

Trump’s campaign pledges to bolster its presence in both states, with plans to open offices and hire staff in the coming months.