Trump: London ‘Unrecognisable’ Due to Protests, Urges Cultural Preservation

Former President Donald Trump criticized London’s response to protests and warned against similar cultural changes in the United States, claiming the British capital had become “unrecognisable” due to tolerance of pro-Palestine demonstrators.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Trump referred to European cities like London and Paris, suggesting they had changed dramatically due to immigration and protests. He emphasized the importance of preserving American culture and traditions, vowing not to let similar changes occur in the United States.

“We’ve seen what happened when Europe opened their doors to jihad,” Trump told supporters. “Look at Paris, look at London – they’re no longer recognisable.”

Trump’s remarks followed recent campus protests in the US, particularly at Columbia University and UCLA, where pro-Palestinian students gathered to demonstrate against the conflict in Gaza. In New York, police arrested dozens of students who had barricaded themselves inside Hamilton Hall at Columbia.

Trump called on university leaders to take a firm stance against such protests, urging them to “remove the encampments immediately” and “vanquish the radicals” to ensure a safe learning environment for all students.

This is not the first time Trump has made controversial statements about European cities. During his 2016 campaign, he suggested that parts of London and other cities were “so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives,” which drew criticism from British officials.

Boris Johnson, then the Mayor of London, described Trump’s comments as “ill-informed” and “utter nonsense,” while Theresa May, then Prime Minister, disagreed with Trump’s assertion about “no-go areas” in London due to Islamic extremism.

Trump’s visit to London in 2018 was marked by tensions with London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, and public protests against the president. Khan allowed a large “blimp” depicting Trump as a baby to fly over London during Trump’s visit, prompting further criticism from the US president.

The issue of terrorism and public safety has been a recurring theme in Trump’s criticisms of European cities, particularly London, but has also drawn rebukes from British officials who argue that his statements are divisive and inaccurate.