Trump Claims He Is Confident Biden Will Remain in the Race Despite His “Ego”

Criticizing his opponent by implying that he was only “semi-running” his administration, former president Donald Trump stated in an interview on Fox News on Monday night that he did not anticipate President Joe Biden to withdraw from the November election.

During the first phone interview since the debate last month, Trump spoke with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and stated that Biden “may very well stay, and he’s got an ego, and he doesn’t want to quit.”

“He’s going to feel bad about himself for a long time,” Trump continued. The way they’re attempting to eject him makes it difficult to give it up.

The former president said to Hannity that Biden appeared “very pale, to put it politely,” that the president had a “weak” voice, and that his responses “didn’t make a lot of sense.”

Speaking about his “great four years” in office, Trump responded to Hannity’s question on whether he wanted Biden to stand down by saying, “We have prepared for him, but I don’t think it’s going to matter.”

If Biden is compelled to withdraw, Trump stated he anticipates Vice President Kamala Harris will take his place on the ballot.

Harris was then fired by the previous president, who described her as a “ineffective person” and said that she “was in charge of the border” and “didn’t do a good job.”