Trump Campaign Takes in $76 Million in April

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced they raised $76 million in April.

“President Donald J. Trump is not only winning across every battleground state, but we are raising the resources necessary to deliver a victory in November,” said Trump campaign senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles.

“With half of funds raised coming from small dollar donors, it is clear that our base is energized. The Republican Party is united, and voters nationwide are ready to FIRE Joe Biden and elect President Donald J. Trump.”

RNC Chair Michael Whatley and Co-chair Lara Trump added that April “defied the pundits and our naysayers.”

“The American people are fed up with weak Joe Biden’s failed economy, border crisis, and unacceptable responses to antisemitic violence spreading across college campuses nationwide,” they continued. “Our team will continue working every day to exceed expectations, raise the funds we need, and build an unmatched party infrastructure to prove that President Trump’s momentum is unstoppable.”

Lara Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that Americans are “fighting back” against the lawfare waged against her father-in-law.

At the end of March, Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign raised $65.6 million dollars.

Trump campaign senior advisor Susie Wiles said, “Republicans may not be beneficiaries of the self-interested largess from Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites, but President Trump is proud to be supported by donations from voters who are the backbone of this nation, which will fuel Republicans up and down the ballot.”

Trump has also used Judge Juan Merchan’s ruling that the 45 U.S. President violated a gag order as a fundraising opportunity.

“A Democrat judge JUST HELD ME IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!” one email reads, as obtained by The Epoch Times, and asks supporters to contribute to Trump’s campaign.