Trump Campaign Raised $400 Million Since Conviction

Donald Trump’s campaign has raised $400 million since his guilty verdict, Trump said during an event in Arizona.

“I just went through a rigged trial in New York with a highly conflicted judge, and I mean a highly conflicted, judge where there was no crime. It was made up, fabricated stuff,” Trump said. “They didn’t want to bring the case, they could have brought the case seven years ago – it’s only when you run for office they bring cases – but they would have done that seven years ago, not in the middle of my presidential campaign, where we’re beating Biden by a lot, did you see?”

“And, by the way, right after the announcement of this, more campaign funds were given to this campaign than any campaign, they think, in history – almost $400 million. 400!” he continued.

Trump urged American voters to “change the system.”

“[W]e have to change the system, we have to straighten out what’s going on in these courts,” he said. “We gotta rigged deal going. This whole country, and we gotta do it. And those appellate courts have got to step up and straighten things out, or we’re not gonna have a country any longer.”

Shortly after Donald Trump was found guilty in the hush money case, his campaign website crashed from a surge of donations to his second presidential campaign.

In small donor funding alone, the Trump campaign raised $34 million.

In the 24 hours post-verdict, Trump raised nearly $53 million.