Transgender-Identifying California Mayor Faces Recall

The mayor of Calexico, California, is facing a recall.

Raúl Ureña, 26, won 70% of vote in 2020. After being reelected in 2022, he began identifying as transgender.

Ureña, who accepts “all the pronouns,” prefers to be referred to as ‘she,'” the New York Post reported.

Although crime and homelessness have risen in the area since 2022, Ureña blamed the recall vote on “predictable transphobia.”

The mayor told The Daily Mail that he may “even be more vulnerable if I’m not in an elected position where people have elected me to represent a lot of people who don’t identify as LGBT.”

According to the recall petition, as shared by the Los Angeles Times, Ureña has “proven poor leadership with open and public indecency and intoxication shared on social media with absolute reckless disregard for accountability towards families with children.”

Former mayor and local businesswoman Maritza Hurtado said, “We’re losing business because people do not want to come here because it’s disgusting.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is also facing another possible recall.

California’s Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, wrote in a memo that the “Secretary of State’s office approved petitions for circulation for the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.”

“The minimum number of valid signatures required to qualify the recall is 1,311,963 (12% of the 10,933,018 votes cast in the last election for Governor),” the memo noted.

Signatures must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office by September 3 and be from at least five different counties.