Thousands Flood Malta Streets to Protest Bill Legalizing Abortion

Over 10,000 pro-life individuals took to the streets of Malta over the weekend to protest a new bill that would legalize abortion.

  • Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Malta last weekend over new legislation that would make abortion legal.
  • Led by the country’s top Catholic bishop and former president Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, residents in the country said they want Malta to remain Europe’s destination to protect life.
  • “We are here to be the voice of the unborn child,” one of the speakers Maria Formosa said during the rally. “Through abortion, life is always lost.”
  • Abortions in Malta are only legal if the mother’s life is at risk, making the country one of the few places in Europe a safe haven for unborn babies.
  • The abortion bill was introduced this fall, raising concerns from doctors and pro-life leaders who said the legislation would allow mothers to abort a baby even when their life was not at risk.

“We know there are women who suffer from many problems, health and social problems, but abortion is not the answer. The answer is to provide the right support,” Formosa said.

  • Last month, leaders in the Philippines rejected pressure from the United Nations to legalize the killing of unborn babies through abortions in their country.
  • “Culturally, our values may conflict with many of the values that [Western countries] want to impose upon us. We are not ready for that, culturally we are not ready for that. That is our position right now,” Philippine Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla said.
  • As a predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines protects the unborn, but similar to other pro-life countries, its leaders continue to face intense pressure from wealthy world powers to legalize abortion on demand.