Thousands Baptized in Papua New Guinea

Hundreds of thousands of people have been baptized in Papua New Guinea (PNG), according to reports.

The campaign, called “PNG for Christ,” is an effort between the South Pacific Division, the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM), the General Conference, and Adventist World Radio.

Last month, Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) President Pastor Ted Wilson wrote on Facebook, “The latest information from the South Pacific Division and the Papua New Guinea Union Mission is that 278,369 people have been baptized so far in ‘PNG for Christ’ with only about 52% of the over 2000 sites reporting.”

“This is a miracle of God! Many more will be reported,” he added.

“They are being very careful in PNG to instruct people in Bible studies so they understand God’s Holy Word and the gospel message. This is Holy Spirit power being poured out on Papua New Guinea!!! May the Lord nurture this momentum all over the globe as we draw near to Christ’s second coming!” Wilson said. “Let us pray for the falling of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit all over this world!”

The South Pacific Division Record reported that stories of “drug lords burning their marijuana crops and being baptised” have emerged, along with “healings and people understanding the gospel presentations in their own languages.”

Pastor Malachi Yani, president of the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM), said that international speakers traveled to PNG for the campaign to understand the extent of the church’s growth.

“We want them to come and see why the Church is growing in PNG. We want to see Australia growing as well, New Zealand growing, Trans Pacific Union Mission growing as well,” Yani stated. “We hope to see them running another campaign like what we did in PNG, so we also will have to go to their country and learn from them. We mingle together and learn together and preach together—that was for our learning.”

SDA General Conference associate ministerial secretary Jeffrey Brown was recorded as telling those being baptized, “When you accept Jesus and allow Him to live in you, He will transform every aspect of your experience. Your family will notice that something has changed. The way you manage relationships will change. The way you manage finances will change. Every aspect of your experience will be affected. Accepting Jesus to follow Him is the best decision you can ever make.”

Evangelistic strategies in the region began last year, according to church leaders.