Tennessee Bill Protects Christian Foster Families from LGBT Movement

Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that forbids the government from barring parents against the LGBT movement from fostering and adopting children.

If the bill is signed into law, the state’s Department of Children’s Services cannot require “an adoptive or foster parent to support a policy on sexual orientation or gender identity that conflicts with the parent’s sincerely held religious or moral beliefs,” the bill’s description reads.

“The real concern of this bill is to strengthen the pool of available parents who are able to foster,” State Representative Mary Littleton (R) said, according to The Tennessean. “Placements should always be made and consistent in the best interests of the child.”

Democratic lawmakers condemned the bill.

In a debate with Littleton, State Representative Justin Pearson (D) said, “This legislation isn’t concerned, in a very meaningful way, about the children. In fact, with each answer, you told me about the parents not being discriminated against, but we have to be worried about the children and prioritizing the children in our care who are LGBTQI.”

While the Tennessee bill protects the religious beliefs of foster families, a California bill requires “foster families to, “demonstrate an ability and willingness to meet the needs of the child regardless of the child’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

California State Senator Scott Wiener (D) announced Senate Bill 407’s September passing, claiming that his bill “ensure[s] foster parents understand the need to support LGBTQ foster youth.”

“Our bill to ensure foster parents understand the need to support LGBTQ foster youth — who are 30% of foster youth — & not kick them out, abuse them, or traumatize them (SB 407) is on its way to the Governor, having passed both the Senate & the Assembly,” Wiener wrote on X. “Thank you, colleagues!”

Wiener claimed that 30% of California’s foster children identify as LGBTQ and need “protection from physical and psychological abuse” coming from foster parents.