Teachers Forced to Watch Documentary on Indoctrinating Preschoolers With Woke Ideology

One teacher reported being “angry to the point of tears.”

The North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children held a conference for children’s educators to complete mandatory training hours necessary to remain licensed in the state.

Educators were forced to watch Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years, a documentary that records West Coast preschool teachers instructing children on matters related to left-wing ideologies.

One teacher in the documentary holds a doll up in front of the students, telling them the doll is nonbinary, “just like me.” The teacher corrects the students if they use the improper pronoun for the doll, telling them to use “they” rather than “he.”

The children were also taught about Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The documentary was filmed at Epiphany Early Learning Preschool and Southwest Early Learning Bilingual Preschool in Seattle, Washington, as well as Pacific Primary School in San Francisco, California.

One teacher attending the conference wrote a letter to North Carolina lieutenant governor Mark Robinson that read, “Indoctrination and exposure is not developmentally appropriate to a young child’s brain development.”

“As teachers, it is our responsibility to protect innocent young children, and this feels like child abuse to give such adult and societal ideas pushed as an agenda to very young children,” the letter continued.